L&F 95/96 Series Locker Lock (L14)

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This lock is used on Lockers. The lock is held in place with a horse shoe clip. The turning movement is quarter turn. The cam at the back is plain with a crank away from the lock. The lock face diameter is 23mm. This lock comes with two keys and is mastered.

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The L&F 95/96 Series Locker Lock (L14) is shown in Locks > Locker Locks.

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 The vast majority of keys are cut on the premises and dispatched within two to three working days via Royal Mail first class post. Large key orders may take slightly longer. Special order keys or keys ordered from a third party may be subject to extended delivery times.

Step 1. Identify your key number - The majority of the time your key number will be stamped on the original key and/or the lock face of your unit. The key number can be either a set of numbers or a mixture of numbers and letters. For example if your key or lock has FM102 stamped on it then the whole key number we require will be FM102. If your lock has 78 stamped above the key hole and 145 below the key hole then the whole key number for this unit will be 78145.

Step 2. Type this key number into our online system. Type your full key number into the "enter key number or product box" and click on the search icon (or just press enter)
Alternatively you can use the tabs on the top of the webpage to select and browse key categories and key manufacturer sub categories to find your desired key series.

Step 3. Browse through the search results. To identify which key series your key number falls into you should be looking at the start and end ranges of the key series displayed. If there are a few manufacturers using the same key numbering you will need to have a look at your existing key to see if the key is branded. If you have no keys you may have an identical unit on site that uses a key from the same key range you require therefore you may find a brand name on that key. If you are not sure what key range you require please do contact us for assistance